Why Smart Electric Lyon ?

Creating the energy management solutions of tomorrow


The Smart Electric Lyon Project

Led from 2012 to 2017, Smart Electric Lyon is Europe’s biggest Smart Grid experimentation. The project offers information services, technical solutions and new tariffs helping consumers to better control their energy spendings.

Bringing 6 research institutes and 15 industrials partners together, the project develops, along with the participants (individuals, industrial firms, tertiary companies and local authorities) the tools that will allow each of us to better manage our energy consumption.

The solutions are being tested in 25,000 homes and 100 businesses and local authority agencies located in the Grand Lyon Metropole. The participants will assess the performance of new equipments and digital solutions that manage energy consumption in their everyday lives.

“The Smart Electric Lyon project is a concrete local experiment designed to address long term energy and environment-related challenges and develops the electrical solutions of tomorrow,” Christian Missirian, President of the Smart Electric Lyon Consortium.


The consortium

Smart Electric Lyon is steered by a consortium built around EDF and supported by ADEME as part of the Invest in the Future initiative. It includes 21 partners who work together to develop, combine and evaluate innovative solutions. Smart Electric Lyon brings together all types of actors involved in the issue of smart systems: leading industrial partners (electric material and equipment manufacturers, telecoms operators, the distribution system operator, etc), cutting-edge technological research centers and 25000 clients.

Partners : Agro Campus Ouest, Armines, Atlantic, CSTB, Delta Dore, Dombox, Edelia, ERDF, Etics, Hager, Legrand, Mines Paris Tech, Noirot, Orange, Panasonic, Philips, Schneider, SFR Somfy ,Université de Tours, Université de Lyon, Université technologique de Troyes.


An open collaborative approach

Our industrial partners develop, test and evaluate innovative solutions within the consortium in a collaborative process that also includes the Smart Electric Lyon experimenters.

Striving to bring out national and international standards, the consortium develops open and scalable solutions that position the French industry at the forefront of industrial standardization initiatives, as shown by the development of the Linky Radio Transmitter.

Smart Electric Lyon involves 60 full-time equivalents from our partner companies, EDF and its research team. The project is budgeted 75 million euros over 5 years.


A unique and interdisciplinary program

Smart Electric Lyon also has a large evaluation and research program.

Since the launch of the first experimentations in 2012, multidisciplinary teams (sociologists, economists, ergonomists, statisticians…) analyze the evolutions of the customers’ behaviors toward energy and assess their interest for new digital solutions.

The Smart Electric Lyon collaborative platform brings together 60 researchers whose strengthen the links between the industrial sector and the academic fields.